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Here you will find tips for new bowlers

Game Curtesy

When playing a friendly game at home, at the end of the game you should buy your counterpart a drink. e.g. if you are playing Lead then you buy the other Lead a drink. When you travel away for a game the home team should do the same for you.

The Duties of each Bowler in a Rink Game

The Lead - The Lead's first duty is to place the mat, followed by the delivery of the jack, the assist the Skip in placing the jack in the centre of the rink. The Lead should be a consistent player, able to reach the jack and give the Head a good start. Keep your attention on the game. It is a good gesture to place your opponent's wood next to the mat when the opposition has the jack.
Sound common sense is the Lead's guide, always attempting to draw the jack rather than force opponent's bowls away.

The Number Two - A good crafty second player can have the making of the rink, making up for any shortcomings on the part of the Lead. The Skip's instructions should be obeyed without question.

The Number Three - This player needs to be skilful at the game and able to draw or trail the jack and should observe the instructions of the Skip faithfully.

The Head should be protected by this player and left in as impregnable a position as possible. During the temporary absence of the Skip, the No 3 is in charge and the Lead and Second should carry out any instructions given.

No 3 should be armed with chalk, measure, callipers and wedges and never hesitate to measure, if in doubt. Failing to do this could influence the game drastically.

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