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Here you will find tips for new bowlers

Game Curtesy

  1. When playing a friendly game at home, at the end of the game you should buy your counter part a drink. e.g. if you are playing Lead then you buy the other Lead a drink.  When you travel away for a game the home team should do the same for you.

The Duties of each Bowler in a Rink Game

The Lead

  • The Lead’s first duty is to place the mat, followed by the delivery of the jack, the assist the Skip in placing the jack in the centre of the rink
  • The Lead should be a consistent player, able to reach the jack and give the Head a good start

  • Keep your attention on the game

  • It is a good gesture to place your opponent’s wood next to the mat when the opposition has the jack

  • Sound common sense is the Lead’s guide, always attempting to draw the jack rather than force opponent’s bowls away

The Number Two

  • A good crafty second player can have the making of the rink, making up for any shortcomings on the part of the Lead

  • The Skip’s instructions should be obeyed without question

 The Number Three

  • This player needs to be skilful at the game and able to draw or trail the jack and should observe the instructions of the Skip faithfully

  • The Head should be protected by this player and left in as impregnable a position as possible

  • During the temporary absence of the Skip, the No 3 is in charge and the Lead and Second should carry out any instructions given

  • No 3 should be armed with chalk, measure, callipers and wedges and never hesitate to measure, if in doubt.  Failing to do this could influence the game drastically

The Skip

  • The skip must be a skilful player, ready to commend a good shot but not condemn a bad one

  • The Skip must inspire confidence in the team and encourage them all through the game.  Special encouragement should be given to the No 3 and if necessary, advice sought

  • The Skip should be able to explain the Head as far as possible for the guidance of the team but also allow the No 3 to make the shot which is more appealing at the time

  • A confident, encouraging Skip makes all the difference to the attitude and performance of the team

  • The Skip is responsible for keeping the scorecard and should check the score with the opposing Skip from time to time

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