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Winter Activities 2018/2019

Owing to the vagaries of the British climate the Outdoor Bowling season is normally 20-22 weeks long. In order to keep our membership stimulated and occupied during the dark and dreary months we run a programme of winter activities. These activities are open to all full and social members of the club and normally run from close of play in the Autumn until opening time in the Spring.

Carpet Bowls - Sundays at 10.00am and Thursdays at 7pm
The game of Carpet Bowls is a gentle variation of the standard outdoor bowls game. It is played indoors on a carpet 30-33 feet long and 6-6.5 feet wide. A smaller biased version of outdoor bowls are used in this game, being approximately 2.5 inches in diameter. A circular wooden obstruction is situated in the centre of the rink forcing bowlers to use the bias in their
bowls to draw round the obstruction.

Clacton Carpet Bowls Section has two carpets with bowls for use by the Members. We also enter a team in the Clacton and District Carpet Bowls League and have been very successful in recent years. The Carpet Bowls Section meets every Sunday morning for roll-ups and practice. League games are played on a Thursday evening on a Home and Away basis.

Table Tennis - Monday afternoon at 2pm
We have two tables for friendly games of table tennis.

Darts - Tuesday evening at 7pm
We have two boards for light hearted team games where everyone joins in.

Canasta - Thursday afternoons at 1.00pm
Canasta Club meets on Thursday afternoons between 1pm and 4pm.

Cribbage - Wednesday afternoons at 1.00pm
Crib or Cribbage Club has been running for many years and is very popular. As many as forty members have attended individual Crib sessions in recent years.

Bingo - Alternate Friday afternoons at 1pm
Come an join us for some friendly games of Bingo

Day Trips and Outings
These are regularly organised both during the Winter and the Summer Seasons. Again, an eye should be kept on the notice boards in order to avoid disappointment

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